Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Bidet Experience

So...I did it.

I tried the bidet. You know that water that shoots you in the bum...

Not as weird as I thought it would be. But not something I think I will be doing a lot. 

I got the courage to try it at my host families..and then it didn't work. 

So today I just thought I would go for it somewhere else.

You press a button...and then it comes out from the back of the seat...making weird noises while it does it!

Apparently I could have adjusted the temperature of the water but I didn't know how. Thank goodness it wasn't freezing cold!

I thought it was going to stop on its own but it didn't...so I had to stop it.

Thank goodness I know the Kanji for stop! That's all I'm saying...


I have been way more adventurous on this trip then any other. 

When in Rome right?! Or Japan! 

So be honest. Have you ever tried a bidet?


Lotti said...

Yep Lisa I have tried a Bidet and actually I think they are good. One of my clients had one ... it wasn't separate but it was a seat that went on top of the toilet instead of the seat. It had water coming out and it even had hot air to dry you. It was new and my client told me to try it out. It was designed for people with disabilities in mind. Boy I'm being pretty honest here aren't I.

Robin said...

Too cute! glad you gave your honest opinion and shared this secret! i have never tried one before. when i was volunteering in Ghana, Africa, one of the hotels I stayed in had one..but my roommmates and I didn't try it. We just giggled like immature little girls. :]
I hope you'll check out my blog, plus a link up called Wish! {out loud} that I hope you'll participate in!


melandpeter said...

hahahaha. おもしろいね!! I'm really enjoying reading about your Japan experiences Lisa. First a bidet...then what?? xxx

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