Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! 

Christmas Day is just coming to an end here in Australia but for those who are only just starting...enjoy it!

As promised, a picture of my Christmas Truffles

I made them up a few years back and now make them every year

There was someone who wanted to help with EVERYTHING today! It was nice that she wanted to help but she became more of a problem most of the time.
Kids really do teach patience!

and lastly...check out the eye patch and hat I got in my cracker :D

We only had Sacrament meeting at church today and I was grateful that we got to sing so many Christmas Carols because I love them so much!

Well I am really tired and am heading to bed. As soon as Cars 2 finishes! :D

Gratitude Sunday is taking a break this week...I think it's pretty obvious for all the things I am grateful for this week. 


Lotti said...

Thanks for sharing Lisa. I spoke to your mum and she said you all had a lovely day. Darcey looks so cute in her apron. Love Auntie Leonie xoxoxo

Holly said...

that gingerbread girl sure is cute!

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