Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So I am into the second week of what will hopefully be my last semester of my bachelor!!

Oh boy is this motivation to get things done and really head out on a bang.

I knew that I needed to change some bad habits this semester so:

 - Most days I have spent studying between breaks
- The only 2 classes I have missed were because of work & sickness & I have so far caught up on content
- No assignments have been late (there's one due tomorrow which WILL be in :D)
- I am enjoy it...most of the time...

Last Friday I had a 3 hour exam for part of the assessment from the time I was in Japan.
While I don't think I did fantastic...my brain was NOT pulling out what I needed that day!...I think I did enough to pass. And that is all I am looking for.

I have said in the past that I want to do better, and I want to live up to it so much more now.


I can do this!! Right?? :D


Blanche said...

Yes you can! Good on you. Wish I was in my last semester :)

Lotti said...

Good for you Lisa, hope you do well. It's really about discipline I think and just making the time to study, set goals and so for it. I guess being in the home stretch helps the motivation.

Catherine said...

Way to be disciplined! I'm sure you did great on your test! Last semester of your Bachelors??? SOOO JEALOUS!

Maz said...

Sounds like some excellent goals/changes you have made!! Wish I could do uni over...I'd be so much more diligent!!

Well done :)

amber said...

sounds like you are doing great!! keep it up :)

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