Friday, May 25, 2012

Rain, rain, go away

It has been raining all day...and continues to rain now.

Enter cute little piggy...with gumboots on! :D

I like listening to the rain...but working in it is a totally different story!

For 3 1/2 hours tonight I delivered the rain.
Oh and I got $1 tip -_-
Tipping isn't customary here...but come on people! I brought you you're pizza, still hot, to your door and spent most of the night drenched. 
As Janelle said "It's raining, you're a girl and you still only got $1?"
My thoughts exactly! :P 

I also have a service project in the morning, planting grass, if you could put the sun out for a while that would be fantastic! 
Or be so bad we have to cancel...I have a lot of assignments ok!! ha ha

Either way, I am not looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow night in the rain.

1 comment:

Lotti said...

Yes Lisa, sun out for a little while, while you are planting the grass would be a GREAT idea. Then it can rain to water in the grass.

Just think if you hadn't gone out tonight to deliver pizzas you would not be $1 richer. Someone out there in the world would think a dollar was a lot of money. Seriously, it would be nice to see people be more generous though .... some people just do not appreciate all your effort.

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