Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So after officially announcing the new design yesterday,
today I have a few details about it.

As this blog is all about my life and what I get up to, I wanted the new design to reflect that.
I wanted it to be clean and clutter free.
So I kept the white background and made things easy to find and less of them.  

When it came to the header, I wanted a drawing that showed aspects of my life.
Firstly we have my family, whom mean everything to me.
Then we have movies, which I enjoy watching and probably have too many of.
Next there's Autumn, my favourite month. The colours are amazing!
After that there's books, because I love reading.
Lastly, there's the globe and a plane because I have travelled to a few countries, but would love 
to go to so many more. 

The picture in the middle is from another of Jess' pictures, but with my face and hair colour. 

As for the purple and grey theme, I love the colours together and have been trying to incorporate them more and more into the blog. 

Thanks to everyone for the feedback!
I'm glad you like it as much as I do. 


Shane said...

I love your new blog design! It's unique, not too often you come across a hand-drawn header!

xo Shane

Nettie's Blog said...

That is one super cool change Lisa...love it...when you come north you might want to give my blog a Face Lift for me...(you wont be able to make me look as good as you but hey That's Life!!!!he he!!!)

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