Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Look

Some of you may have already noticed the new look of my blog.

Well I have a few people to thank for that!

First there was Jess, who did the drawing for my header. 
We've been friends for years and know each other very well so it was easy to tell her what I wanted and have it come out. She is seriously talented! 
Go check out her art's reasonably priced...too reasonable if you ask me!

Then there was Chelsea, who took some photos for me to use in various places around the blog. 
She is one talented photographer and got photographer of the year in Tasmania.
I can say I know a famous person right there! :D
Plus she is a gem of a friend. 
If you're looking for a photographer in Tasmania, then she is your go to every time!

Then there was Daryl, who put it all together to get what you see here.
Not only do I love her blog, but she is really easy to work with and was able to highlight what I wanted.
I can recommend her to anyone that is looking for a redesign. 

It's always good to work with talented people that can help you best get out what you want.
Thanks ladies! You are all amazing!

Tomorrow I'll share a little more about the details behind the redesign.


Lotti said...

I really like your new look blog and like I said before I really like your header. Jess did a great job.

Cami said...

It looks great!! I love your collaboration of efforts from everyone :)

Catherine said...

Cute new look!! Love it, Lisa!! :)

Kylie said...

I love it! So unique and all about you :)

Cullis Family said...

Very cute Lisa!

Maz said...

Woohoo!! Love the colours :D And I've said a million
times your photos look amaaaaazing!!

TheUnlostWanderer said...

Hey there, I'm Tiffany! :] I found you through Candice over at Teatime Thoughts. Your blog looks great, I'm your newest follower! :]

Chelsea Parsons said...

I love you beautiful girl. So glad you are there so I can make goofy faces at someone and talk to. You are fabulous with my girls and a great friend. New blog design - rocks. Jess did a wonderful job with the illustration, clever girl. And that pic of you..... I thought you might have picked the pouty lip one!!! Kidding, perfect choice xx

Jess [Bradbury] Wheeler said...

Wonderful Lisa! Everyone has done a fantastic job!

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