Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gratitude Sunday: Ode to Technology

This week I've really been thinking about how grateful I am for technology.
It not only allows me to have access to so much information at the quick press of a button,
but it allows me to be able to keep in contact with my family.

It's gotten to the point where my niece always tries to show me things with no matter what phone she has...which often ends hilariously.
Tonight she tried to use the home phone to show me that she was only one shoe.
After explaining that I couldn't see because it didn't have a camera, she huffed and took it over to my dad to try and 'fix' it. 
Alternatively she requested to see my on the 'puter'.

Enter facetime. 
I got to see my niece, little bro and dad. 
Though my niece is yet to master how to use the ipad properly so I can see her.
I swear she spends more time looking at herself then talking to me :D

I am so grateful that I live in this amazing time where we can feel connected to our loved ones all around the world.
I got to speak to various family members that are holidaying in the states over the last month and it's been fantastic.

Skype and Facetime have become my best friends in the technology world!

Here's to technology!


Kylie said...

That is so precious! Technology is amazing. I'm excited to be able to share so much with my long distance family when the baby arrives.

Lotti said...

I too am very very happy for modern technology and facebook as it means I get to talk to your mum all the way over there in America. Yay for Facebook. Darcey is a crack up .... so funny.

Jacqueline said...

we definitely live in amazing times! with my family spread all over the country, facetime and skype are invaluable.

Rachel said...

I am really grateful for technology! I know I've spent countless hours on Skype with my family, since I moved away from them 4 years ago...if it weren't for technology I'd completely miss seeing my little sisters grow up. So, yeah, I'm a Skype fan!

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