Wednesday, October 10, 2012

House Sitting

So for the last month I've been house sitting.
There are a lot of pros to house sitting.

- A whole house to yourself
- A bathroom to yourself
- You can stay up as late or go to bed as early as you want (provisional on work of course)
- You limit your own bills, because you're not there to use it
- You get a working tv (well I did)
- You get a cleaner every couple of weeks (well I did)

I kinda got used to the little lifestyle I had was a nice little break.
Almost like a mini holiday....but not quite. 

Now I am back in my own little room, having to share a small bathroom and back to reality.

The plus side of being back to my own life is not having a cat stalk me all the time.
I have all of my stuff when I need or want it in the one location.
I have space to put things away, instead of in bags on the bedroom floor. 

Have you ever house sat for anyone?
Did you have a good or bad experience? Goodness knows you can have some bad ones!

3 comments: said...

I love house sitting, I have always had great experiences. I even blogged about this one:

Hanna Lei said...

I've only been able to house sit for someone once and it was amazing! Glad to here I'm not the only one.

Catherine said...

I have never house sat before, but I think I would probably get freaked out at night on my own. When I put the kids to bed at night for the family I still babysit for, I get so spooked by every sound I hear. I'm glad you had an awesome experience though! :)

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