Monday, October 22, 2012

RIPs Spider

Spiders are not my friends....never have been, never will.

Last night while watching a movie on my laptop in the dark I felt my 'hair' annoying my neck so I flicked it and noticed something fly off onto my bed.
In the light of my laptop I discovered to my horror that it was a spider. 
While tracking it with my laptop and attempting to squash it....I LOST SIGHT OF IT!
Not cool.

After running for the light and quietly screaming about the spider...that was in my HAIR!!!...I tried to carefully find it.
After not finding it I tried to convince myself it had run off and I could get back in bed to sleep.
I was WRONG!

As I went to turn the light off I saw Mr Spider crawling off my laptop.
Well he wasn't sleeping in my bed for the night.
So I waited till he crawled away from my laptop and with a shoe in each hand I summoned the largest amount of courage I could, counted to 3 and hit it right on.

And just to make sure it wasn't faking death I squished it some more, picked it up with a tissue and took it out into the kitchen bin.

Sorry if you love spiders, but unless they stay away from me and my bedroom they die.

Rest in Pieces Mr Spider! 
Thanks for causing me to have bad dreams about spiders all night! 


Lotti said...

I'm with you Lisa .... my motto .... The only good spider is a dead spider. Sorry Heavenly Father, but spiders and I cannot live together in my house. You have all my sympathy, I'd have freaked out if it were me.

Ashley R said...

I feel like the same way about spiders. Yikes!

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