Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gratitude Sunday

Where has the time gone?
It feels like forever since I wrote anything on here...and my posts tell me it's been a couple months since I wrote last

I've had the occasional blog post written in my head, but never got on the actually blog to write it.
I could have started this year off with a recap of my 2012, or what my goals for the year are, 
but I never got around to writing those either.

Some how I find it perfect that today is when I wrote again.
There is never enough gratitude to be expressed.

and with that being said, here's some things I am grateful for at the moment:

- Changes
- My calling with the Primary kids at church
- My time with the girls I babysat, which came to an end this past Thursday
- The home I have
- My family
- Work
- Clean water
- Downsizing
- Getting to start my teaching course soon
- Almost being 22
- Feeling like I am moving in the right direction
- Fun texts to and from my brother and sister in law
- Free feeds and the company that comes with it! (It's always appreciated)
- Music for every mood
- My lil bro getting his mission call (England London South Mission!)
- Good walks and chats
- New friends
- Holidays

and so much more...

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