Monday, February 11, 2013

Home Sweet Boat

Say hello to my new home!

I've been living here for a couple of weeks now and slowly unpacking and getting used to the place...
although it seems like I moved into a retirement home.

The best things about living on a boat is that I've been forced to downsize. 
It's amazing how little value some things can have once you don't have the space for it
I also don't have to clean the bathroom...because it's up at the marina.
It has some serious cool features like a blue light deck, music through the cabin and outside.
My bed is huge, and most things are built in.

The not so fun part is that it heats up really quickly inside on a hot day. 
The bathroom is so far away when you really need it.
The oven, cook top and fridge are tiny.
Waiting for the shower when you need it quickly. 

All in all it's been pretty good so far, I just want a regular internet connection is all! :D

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