Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh hey there! I'm still alive

I am still kicking!
Just in case you were wondering...which of course you were no doubt. 
I've kinda missed my little space here on the ol' internet.

It's been an interesting couple of months full of highs and lows.
I have literally become a space cadet. If something isn't written down that I need to do or go probably won't get done/or attended. 
I missed church one week because I had in my mind we were still in the afternoon...4 months into the year. I am still paying for that one amongst people that already knew before now.

The masters is going fairly well. I still suck at doing assignments earlier enough so it's not a rush or a day or so late. Of course it doesn't help when your teacher changes the assignment a week before it's due and you only find out a couple of days before it's due. 

I also went and visited my brother and sister-in-law in QLD for a quick 5 day trip and loved it!
I wish they still lived closer...along with all my friends who have moved up there!
It was fun while it lasted, but alas reality reared its ugly head and I was forced to return to work and study yet again. If only money didn't rule our functioning ability. 

The boat is going fairly well. It's starting to get quite cold on board and reminds me of my previous freezing apartment at times. A heater is on my list of things to acquire. Until then my jumpers have become my best friends again!
Speaking of boat life, I really need to write more about the hilarious things that have happened since I've been here. All I'll say is there's nothing like sharing facilities with a bunch of strangers...
It sure is a life changing experience. 

Well this girl has work in the morning and is dying to get warm in bed. 
I really do need to write on here more will happen...I'm even going to write it down so I don't forget!!

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