Saturday, February 23, 2013


Let's just say that mornings aren't really my best time.
I'm much more of a night owl.

So when I received an e-mail a little while ago to inform me that to sign up for the tutorials of my
units at university I would need to be ready to go at 6:30am the other morning I wasn't too trilled about.

But when you literally have to fight to get a tutorial get up for it.
If you're Nelly and me, you get up just after 6am and sit
 there refreshing the page until the madness starts.

It was crazy to witnessed the amount of people that were awake and signing up to tutorials within seconds of each other. I have never clicked so quickly.
The early start paid off though as I got all of the times I wanted!

I think teaching is going to be very interesting this year.

I am excitedly nervous to start on Monday!
Wish me luck :)

1 comment:

Lotti said...

Good luck with the study

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