Monday, August 1, 2011

Soooo tired....

Man am I tired today!

But the awesome week and then jam-packed weekend I had were well worth it!!

My weekend included:


- Dinner with the missionaries
- Institute
- KFC eat and chat after Institute
- Rescuing MJ
- Playing on the new Playground at Cornelian Bay until late


- Crust Pizza
- Youth roadshow practice
- Bakehouse trip...including a Bubble O Bill :D
- more playing on the playground
- late night 'girl chat'


- Waking up early, meeting at the chapel
- Drive to My Field
-Climb to the top in technically sailing snow gear :P
- Play in the snow
- Slide back down on inner tube and Finnish sled thing
- BBQ lunch and toasted marshmallows...soooo good :D
- Drive back to Chapel, via Brighton
- Drop Isaiah home...(nap while Kat is driving..oops sorry Kat)
- Go to a discussion with the missionaries
- Home, shower (again) from day out
- Movies, Peachee and chatting until late (again!)


- Wake up early
- Pick up investigator on the way to church
- Church for 3 hours...2 hours of which were trying to organise feral kids
- Down to Kat's for lunch and feeding of animals and little road trip with Camilla
- Choir
- Cook and eat dinner
- Make brownies...sadly minus the Jersey Caramels
- An adorable call from my niece who kept tell me she missed me! (Aunty Lisa misses you too Darcey!!)
- Laughter and chatting until late...not AS late as other nights


- Wake up early
- Spend time updating on everything I missed on the internet over the weekend
- Get ready for Uni
- Write this post...and the Gratitude Sunday post I missed (oops :P)

Sorry only one picture in this post! I was having too much fun!


Chelsea Parsons said...

Darby says "I wasn't feral"! Thats was a jam packed few days! Phew!

Camilla Mitchell said...

I'm absolutely exhausted too Lisa - massive few days hey? All of which followed that massive 60+ hr working week for me...I wish I could sleep for a week!

Mari-Anna said...

Can I join these late night chats sometime? :) sounds fun

L!$@ said...

@Chelsea - Darbs was good :D she was an exception.

@Milla - Sleeping for a week sounds amazing!!

@Maz - of course! They all kinda happened randomly :D But you are more than welcome :D

Cami said...

Sounds very fun!! Productivity is the best :)

Happy Monday!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life Life

Mari-Anna said...

Yay! I would love it.

Great photo of Mt Field by the way :)

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