Thursday, August 4, 2011


I do a lot of it when I am stressed or worried about something...
or frustrated at a situation or person.

Today I did a LOT of cleaning...

So what has got me cleaning you may ask??

Well I am stress/frustrated with a situation and I don't know how to proceed...or if I should.
Stupid guys! They complicate everything!!

My brain was all over the place...a roller coaster of emotions.

Today was not a particularly good day, nor particularly bad.
I really hate this kind of day!!

My room is getting attacked tomorrow! Won't know what's hit it!

And I am enjoying a bit of Sarah Lee ice-cream that my sister left when she stayed.

If anyone has advice on guys I am totally open to it!


Cami said...

Aww what's wrong?! Hope everything is ok, I'm here to talk if ya want!


Ashley Michelle said...

Haha ohhh I have advice...but I don't really know your situation :( I can totally relate to you on the cleaning though! Whenever I'm upset, cleaning is what calms me my room ends up looking great afterwards too :)

Rebecca said...

lol sometimes they are just little boys in a grown up boys body !!!!! good luck lisa!

brettnkayla said...

oh we have some sara-lee icecream in the freezer too, its so yummy! about the guy thing, whats wrong?

L!$@ said...

Thanks everyone!
@ Cami - you're a gem!
@ Ashley - My room is going to look amazing and be spotless by the time I'm done.
@ Rebecca - I totally agree!!
@ Kayla - Just trying to work out where I stand with this guy and what to do next. The joys of being single :P

Alana said...

I'm full of advice, but who knows if any of it's worth anything. lol

My rule is: it should be easy. If you're not sure how he feels, that's his fault. Leave him alone. If he's sending mixed signals: he needs to get his act together or he's not worth your time.

The right guy who is really into you will let you know it. He will pursue you and you won't feel like shit wondering what's going on.

I highly recommend reading "He's just not that into you" and "It's just a date" by Greg Behrendt. It changed my entire dating life.

Good luck!

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