Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gratitude Sunday Series Guest Blogger: Elise Blaha

Morning all!

So last week's post was late and this one is really early... :D

Today's guest is Elise.

She is amazingly talented and has a wonderful shop, which you should definitely check out! She works from home and does a darn good job of it.

You should also go check out her blog after too! It's awesome and has lots of crafty things, which I love!

Here's Elise:

Simple yet effective huh?!


This week I am grateful for:

- Time to think and realisation moments
- Being able to "work" with two very funny girls
- Hearing from Kat while she's in America (OOOO-SA)
- Camping out in the lounge room in Jess and my cubby house
- Sara Lee Ice-cream
- Playing frisbee in the rain...and not falling over so I could drive home somewhat dry
- Opportunities
- Friends to give advice
- are seriously awesome!

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1 comment:

Surreallist said...

Hey Lisa! I came across your blog via 20sb. What a wonderful idea you came up with of having a Gratitude Sunday! Look forward to going through more of your posts =)

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