Monday, March 26, 2012

SALS Gals Reunite

Tonight I met up with the girls from University that form our group called SALS gals.
(School of Asian Languages and Studies)
Most of us met in first year and have had each other in at least one class throughout our degree.

Tonight we went out for Japanese food...YUM! 

Of course the only picture I got was of my gyoza! -_-  PHOTOGRAPHY FAIL! 

From tonight we've got 1 engaged girl working for her parents, 1 doing honours, 2 doing a masters of teaching, 3 working/doing whatever they want, 1 honorary sister in her 2nd year of Pharmacy and me finishing off my last semester. 

There were 2 or 3 not present.

We are definitely a mixed bunch, all headed in different directions, but it was fun to come together tonight and catch up and enjoy a good meal.

We have plans to meet up again some time soon and potentially trying some new food next time!
So glad I have formed some great friendships from my time at University. 


emily anderson said...

how fun for ya'll (and that food looks delish---it reminds me that i need to eat dinner still!)

it's so good to have friends that you can hang out and catch up with---and it's like you never were apart.
that's so special!

Maz said...

Where did you eat at?

Nettie's Blog said...

hey new computer had a hissy fit and i lost a heap of emails and some blogs...i have been stalking the blogs i managed to save(thats when i have time huuuuugh) and retrieving the ones i were one...hooray i have you back...have a great day

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