Monday, May 7, 2012

Foreign Food

Today I tried a Double Decker bar..imported from the United Kingdom.
Not that great...was ok though.

I also got to have some of my favourite Stroop Waffles...straight from The Netherlands.

One thing I wish we could get here is I have a big sweet tooth!

I love that I can get these things from the supermarket and taste just a few things of what different parts of the world have to offer.

It seriously makes me want to get out there and travel again. 
I loved trying different things in Japan.

The travel bug is biting! and I am going to reassess my budget and see how much I can save to get out there again. 

Have you tried any 'foreign' food lately? What's your favourite type?


Lotti said...

I have my hand up, I'm a chicken, I don't like trying food that's different. I'd love to travel, but don't know how I'd cope with all the different foods that are out there. Wish I was a bit more ambitious.

Alex Butts said...

gushherrrs oh my gosh now i'm craving them!

Catherine said...

You don't have Gushers in Australia!? That is a crime!!

Holly said...

aw id send you some gushers if i could!!

i love thai food :)

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