Friday, September 7, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

So...having 3 jobs is keeping me pretty busy these days!
On the plus side, I am definitely learning how to be better organised.
I seem to get a lot more done when there is less time and more pressure...go figure!

While I am working a lot at the moment, it is merely a means to an end until I can start my Masters next year. 
Plus the ability to pay for some major bills on my own, as well as save for the travel I want to do is a mighty fine feeling.

I was definitely meant to live in this day and age...or I feel sorry for the people who would have been dealing with this feisty woman, had they told me I couldn't work. Thank you women's rights! 

Well I've worked 13 hours today and I have more in the morning so I'm off to bed!
Thank you parents for teaching me the value of work :D

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