Monday, October 1, 2012


Are you one of many people who recognise that hash tag?

Well...if you don't, it represents a list of things/actions to photograph every day for a month created

In case you want to join me, the list consists of:

1. Where you stood
2. Lunchtime
3. This happened today
4. What you read
5. Shadow
6. I'm thankful for...
7. Light
8. Angle
9. Red
10. Emotion
11. Something close-up
12. On the table
13. Landscape
14. Makes you laugh
15. Dinnertime
16. Something you wrote
17. Fruit
18. Made you smile today
19. Letters
20. 4 O'clock
21. Calm
22. In your town
23. The view from here
24. Weather
25. People
26. Listening to
27. Morning
28. Looking back
29. Moon
30. Clothes
31. Whatever you please

I'll be posting my photos each day to instagram.
If you want to follow along with mine, my instagram is: lisatrav

Let me know if you decided to do it too :D

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