Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gratitude Sunday Series: A year in Review

As it's the 1st day of 2012 and Gratitude Sunday I thought I would take the opportunity to review the year. A year I am truly grateful for. 

In January
I turned 20 and left my teens behind me

In February
My laptop was stolen :'( , thankfully replaced by a new one...a mac none the less and 
had some fun babysitting

In March
I got involved in Post Crossing, had an interesting and somewhat confronting experience at Uni, started Gratitude Sunday, made the decision to leave Uni for a semester and was in my first guest post.
I guess March was a big month!

In April
I was missing my family a lot, had my 100th post, welcomed my nephew into the world
and started my Wreck This Journal.

In May
I had a lot of time on my hands, had photo booth fun with my niece, celebrated MJ's 21st and contemplated going to Japan for University.

In June
I went fishing and drove a boat for the first time on our family boat trip, completed an intensive winter unit on Family History and made a random vlog.

In July
Discovered some funny as videos (here and here), went back to Uni full time, watched the last HP movie and hosted my first giveaway

In August
I got my first blog award, participated in my first census and had some more photo booth fun. 

In September
Celebrated Janelle's birthday with a British themed day, heard a beautiful love story, started my Who I Am series and let you in on the secret that is living in my apartment with my housemate!

In October
Watched the Grand final for the AFL, had even more photo booth fun with the girls, was randomly surprised by Jess and Jacinta and started watching a new tv series: Revenge.

In November
We had a little Aussie icon visitor and went to Japan for 5 weeks.

In December
I ran into a friend serving his mission, started a week of Christmas, had a Christmas day photo booth session (can you tell how much fun it is...for everyone!!), saw MJ off onto her mission and brought in the New Year with a Carnival

It's definitely been an interesting year but I am grateful for all the good and bad experiences it has brought. We always need to learn. 

I am glad to have a New Year to start afresh. 

Tomorrow I will be introducing my theme for the year. I have a lot of plans and goals!



Dree said...

I love this Gratitude list. Can't wait to hear your theme! Happy 2012!

Stephanie and Such said...

I love Japan!!

Looks like you had a fun year! Happy New Year Lisa!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

don't these take SO long to do? i'm impressed now any time i see these year in review posts after doing one myself.... all that linking! takes time!

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